Heal Black Futures

Our Anti-Discrimination Campaign which addresses the lack of local employment discrimination enforcement processes by advocating for new programs at the City, County, and State level, as well as collaborative enforcement models. Our members are advocating for the adoption of SB 491 empowers local governments to fill a critical enforcement gap. SB 491 clarifies that local governments have authority to enforce California Fair Employment and Housing Act laws in their boundaries. When local governments can effectively enforce California’s fair employment laws, black workers who experience discrimination can have claims reviewed in a timely manner, get back to work faster, and recover lost wages. Our movement “#Black Workers United” to #Heal Black Futures” successfully moved Governor Brown to go on the record supporting the need for California to strengthen employment discrimination protections at the local level, issuing a directive to establish a workgroup to review and report back to him findings on how local governments can implement California’s anti- discrimination laws in the workplace.

Though we fell short of the signature, the Governor made it clear in his message that “It Is Time” for the state to look at this urgent issue of stronger local enforcement of anti- discrimination employment protections.

State of Black Work Report or Ready to Work: Uprooting Inequity Report

SB 491 Leave Behind