While the world responds in shock to staggering disparities in COVID related fatalities plaguing the Black community, we are positioned to bring the plight of Black workers to the forefront of a national agenda. 

Make no mistake, our community’s affliction is the result of 400 years of systemic and oppressive racism. Despite statewide shelter-in-place orders being implemented to slow the virulent nature of the pandemic, higher-wage workers are six times more likely to possess the ability to work from home than lower-wage workers. This translates into fewer than 19% of Black workers being able to telecommute. These realities are beyond shocking- they are reason to act. We are not monolithically beholden to American implied Black worker Stockholm Syndrom and need your help now.


Entering what experts believe will be the peak of the pandemic, we beckon the strength of historical Black organizing in opposition to the legislative failures harming Black workers. We join Black Lives Matter Los Angeles in asking that you sign this petition calling for criminal justice reform, support for Black workers, and expanded housing moratoriums among a plethora of other demands. We face housing insecurity, hyper-criminalization, inadequate healthcare, and economic instability- but nonetheless- front line workers sacrifice their well-being to face this battle day after day. We demand change now. 




The Los Angeles Black Worker Center is partnering with St. John’s Mobile Clinic to provide free coronavirus testing. 

There’s an old saying that perfectly sums up what Black workers are facing during the coronavirus pandemic: “When America catches a cold, Black people get the flu”. While COVID-19 has brought hardship to many, it disproportionately impacts Black people and calls to attention the vast inequities in access to testing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, we must ensure optimal care, identify high-risk patients, and reduce community spread in order to be safe from Covid-19. For this reason, we at the LA Black Worker Center are partnering with St. Johns to provide free mobile COVID-19 testing. Are you a Black worker? Is there a possibility that you have been exposed to COVID-19? If the answer is yes, whether you are working or not, please use one of the forms below to schedule your 15-minute appointment and contact us if you have any additional questions. The resiliency of Black workers rests in working together.





Click here for Friday, April 24th (9am-2:00pm) or here for Friday, May 1st (9am-2:00pm).

The Los Angeles Black Worker Center- 5350 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043.

Complete one of the forms to schedule your appointment. 

Feel more than free to contact us at (323) 752-7287 with any additional questions. 


We are Black workers rising and we are committed to the continued development of equity in our workplaces and communities. 

We know where we came from. We know where we’re going.