Do You See Me Now


“Do You See Me Now” Campaign shines a light on the invisibility of Black workers in L.A.- calling for justice for workers who are absent from worksites due to discrimination.

Our focus is to ensure investments in public infrastructure projects become opportunities for Black workers, our communities, and our families.

Do You See Me Now campaign is designed to fight the dominant narrative that there are not enough qualified black workers for quality jobs in our city.

Despite local hire initiatives and laws that prohibit discrimination, Black workers face major barriers to access and retention of quality work.

Do You See Me Now calls for robust monitoring and enforcement of existing anti-discrimination laws by using a co-enforcement model- consisting of employers, workers, and community members.

We aim to make visible that skilled Black workers in our communities do exist in doing so our worksites will truly reflect the full diversity of our communities.

Community Compliance Monitoring Project

The Community Compliance Monitoring Project (CCMP) implements community monitoring of public works projects, policies, hiring practices, and co-produced enforcement strategies that strengthen Black participation in publicly funded construction sites. Our campaign helped hold employers and officials accountable, such that in one year the number of Black workers on the Crenshaw-LAX line increased from 2% to 19%. Vigorous monitoring ensures we build an equitable and representative workforce.

The Community Compliance and Monitoring Project (CCMP): Robust and vigorous enforcement that brings worker organizations and agencies together to monitor, track, and problem solve, ultimately to build a representative workforce in the construction industry in Los Angeles. CCMP works to impact policies that will address the underrepresentation of Black workers in the economy and promote equity and mobility among Black and other underrepresented workers in the Los Angeles construction sector.

By monitoring and tracking diversity and establishing worker committees to discuss and solve issues, the CCMP program help to ensure world-class jobs sites that are fair, safe, and open to our communities. The results of their research, published in regular reports are used to address gaps in compliance by bring workers, agency, contractors, unions, elected leaders together to solve gaps in compliance and ensure world-class jobs sites that are fair, safe, and open to our communities.

A Special LA BWC Community Monitoring and Compliance Report: Opportunities for Measure M

Lifting Labor Standards for All LA Workers