2020 Proposition Party



Racial injustice. Sustainable jobs. Affordable housing. Prison Reform. It's all on the ballot this year. While we've all heard the seemingly null phrase "this will be the most important election of our lives" a million times before, the world has never experienced the crises that we collectively face today. In addition to combatting a pandemic that disproportionately claims the lives of Black people and people of color, our communities are fighting the pandemics of constant systemic racism and generational unemployment. We do not have time to sit on the sidelines and must act to ensure the betterment of our futures, our communities, and our peoples. Black workers are making sure you know what's on the 2020 ballot via the virtual presentation of our annual Proposition Party. We'll have special guests from notable organizations and discuss key information that impacts YOU. So register for this critical event that you are sure to walk away from feeling empowered and invigored. John Lewis once said "Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble." Don't hesitate, click here to register and see you there.

Three ways to join: